American City Made The Punchline Of Jokes During Recent Speech About Big Labor From Biden

This past Tuesday during a speech to big labor, Old Uncle Joe chose to make Detroit the punchline of his jokes.

Speaking to the AFL-CIO, Biden joked that his former boss always handed him the hardest assignments. Former President Obama, who reportedly advised to never “underestimate Joe’s ability to f– things up” once told his vice president to help deal with Motor City.

“President Obama used to give me all the good assignments. Well, I remember one day, he walked in, not a joke and said, ‘Joe, fix Detroit,’” Biden remembered. “I said, ‘Ok, no problem.’ No, you think I’m kidding? You think I’m kidding? What I didn’t realize is I didn’t know a lot about the cities.”

Biden even crossed himself throughout the speech, seemingly directly after the thought of the extreme task of dealing with the problems of the Michigan city. He was at an AFL-CIO convention being held in Philadelphia, where he called on labor leaders to join up alongside him in the “fight” and support his current agenda.

If Obama had actually called on Biden to “fix Detroit,” it seems that he did not accomplish the mission. Back in 2020, Detroit sported a rate of 2,248.8 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents, which sat behind only Memphis as the highest crime rate in the country in regards to large cities. In that same year, Detroit had a homicide rate of roughly 49.7 for every 100,000 people, while the national average was just 6.5 for every 100,000.

While speaking to the Democrat-friendly big labor audience, Biden attacked what he labeled as the “ultra-MAGA” wing of the Republican party.

“I believe in bipartisanship. But I have no illusions about this Republican Party. … The fact is Republicans in Congress are still in the grip of the ultra-MAGA agenda,” he stated.

The mocking of what was once the group’s largest stronghold when General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler turned out American cars and assembly line jobs paid big wages did not seem to upset the audience, which chuckled along with Biden’s statement. This appearance in front of the AFL-CIO by Biden, and his staunch support for the use of unions as a whole, is fairly standard Democratic politics, state many conservative critics.

“Given that Big Labor’s forced dues political war chest was critical to putting Joe Biden in the White House, it’s no surprise he is going to the AFL-CIO convention to kiss the ring,” stated the resident of the National Right To Work Committee, Mark Mix.

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