Amber Heard Is Now Under Investigation For Potential Perjury From A 2015 Smuggling Case

Back in 2015, actress Amber Heard was slammed with the charge of bringing then-husband Johnny Depp’s two Yorkshire terriers into Australia illegally. The case was called closed at the time, but as of now, Heard has been placed under investigation for allegedly committing perjury during the incident about dog smuggling.

These allegations cropped up during Depp’s libel suit this past year that was aimed at Heard and a British tabloid. As part of the case, the former estate manager for Depp testified that Heard had asked him to lie under oath for her after she was slammed with the charge of illegally importing the dogs into Australia. As reported by E!News, Heard did not obtain the necessary permits for the dogs before bringing them into the country inside a private jet and without having put them through the mandatory two-week quarantine for animals.

“After Australian’s agriculture minister threatened to have the dogs euthanized unless they ‘buggered off back to the United States,’ Depp and Heard had the dogs flown back, again on a private jet,” reported E!News. “Facing the prospect for a maximum 10-year prison sentence, the actress pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of falsifying a travel document to sneak the dogs into the Australia. Her lawyer told the court the actress was jetlagged, worried about a hand injury that Depp suffered during filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and believed her assistants had sorted out the paperwork for the dogs.”

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Then, in April of 2016, Heard agreed to a “one-month $1,000 good behavior bond,” as reported by Yahoo. She then filed for divorce from Depp the following month.

She is now under the microscope for potential perjury as part of that case. When Depp slammed Heard and the British tabloid with a lawsuit for defamation due to their claiming that he was a domestic abuser, Kevin Murphy, the former estate manager for Depp, testified that Heard pleaded with him to claim that she did not know she could not bring the dogs into the country, as reported by The Associated Press.

“She wanted me to say essentially that it was my fault in one way or another that the paperwork wasn’t completed, so that I could take the blame for her,” Murphy stated.

Murphy then went on to state that Heard told him: “I want your help on this. I wouldn’t want you to have a problem with your job.”

Upon cross-examination, Murphy asked why he did not have Depp come to his defense during the ordeal. Murphy stated, “Because Amber wielded a lot of power and would have made my life miserable.”

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