Alleged Hate Crime Rocks Atlanta

This past week, the owner of a restaurant in Buckhead, Georgia has stated that she was the victim of an alleged hate crime when one of her customers sent her a string of anti-Asian racist messages along with threats.

Tse-chih Chang and her husband are the owners of the Grand China Restaurant, which they opened up back in 1978 and have successfully operated in Buckhead ever since.

“We serve on snow days, rainy days, and all the holidays. We did our best to serve the community,” Change said in statements made to Fox5Atlanta.

The whole incident started when a woman, a customer, issued a request to cancel a delivery order due to the fact that it was running late, as stated by Chang.

“You cancel the order, that’s fine. We respect that. but it’s going to take a while to give you a refund. We’ll give you a refund, don’t worry about it,” stated Chang.

The woman proceeded to spam call Chang’s restaurant from multiple different phone numbers and stated that she would continue to keep harassing the restaurant until she got the refund that she had demanded.

“After we gave the credit, we took a photo and sent it to her cell phone. That’s when she sent us nasty and hate crime text messages,” stated Chang.

The woman allegedly started texting insults laden with racial overtones to Chang, issuing threats of physical harm, and seemed to blame the restaurant as the cause of the pandemic.

“Thank flat face b****. This is all going on my review,” stated one text message sent to Chang.

“Y’all some phone thugs for sure bc if it was in person I’d slap tf outta both y’all dirty trash bags,” stated yet another text.

“Y’all the reason covid here dirty a** b****.”

Reportedly, the woman called again this past Monday and shouted expletives at Chang.

“I feel sad because we’ve been here, serving the community for over 43 years,” Chang stated. “The community has to try to get along and support each other. We should respect each other, and we should not look down upon or trash any race.”

Recently, rates of violent crime have risen in Buckhead, seemingly causing the area’s high-income residents to create an effort to declare independence from Atlanta. Residents who currently support this secession from the city, state that they are tired of paying high taxes yet only getting higher crime rates in response.

This past year, a string of racial protests have issued a call for the defunding of the Atlanta police but has also come hand in hand with an increase in crime rates that seemed to target the Buckhead area in particular, which has a population that is predominately white. Throughout this past year, the rates of aggravated assault have risen over 26% in Atlanta but have spiked up to 52% in Buckhead. Robberies are also up about 2% in the capital, but almost 40% in Buckhead, along with the larceny of cars rising 27% in Atlanta and over 40% in Buckhead.



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