Alec Baldwin Shares Social Media Post Talking About Movie Set Conditions

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Famous actor Alec Baldwin shared a long list of posts from vicious social media platforms that was written by a member of the crew of the Western movie “Rust,” who throws criticism on their co-workers for describing the New Mexico set as extremely “chaotic and unsafe.”

Recently, Baldwin fatally shot Halyna Hutchins, the sets cinematographer, and wounded Joel Souza, the sets director, back on the 21st of October. He stated that he was told that the gun was handed and had been using was “cold” which means that it was either loaded with blanks or unloaded entirely.

“Read this,” stated Baldwin concerning a series of Instagram posts that were written by Terese Magpale Davis, who worked as a member of the wardrobe department on the set.

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“I am so sick of this narrative,” wrote Davis. “I worked on this movie. The story being spun of us being overworked and surrounded by unsafe, chaotic conditions is bull***t.”

“We never worked more than a 12.5 hour shoot day. That was once,” wrote Davis. “Most days were under 12. The day Halyna died we had come off of a 12-hour turnaround after an 11 hour shoot day. We had (including camera) gotten off by 6:30 pm.”

“We had just had a 56 hour weekend right before that. No one was too tired to do their jobs. This is all provable by daily timesheets.”

Quite a few members of the crew stated that they had been given a few hotel rooms in Santa Fe but were then informed they were being forced to make an over 50-mile drive from Albuquerque to the set in Santa Fe each and every day.

Davis stated that was not entirely true. “The camera crew HAD hotels. They just didn’t feel they were fancy enough. NOT that they were unsafe. You can’t tell me that 6 big men felt so unsafe in their hotel but were fine sleeping in their cars in parking lots (which never happened) like they also claimed.”

“And our set was only 35 minutes from Albuquerque. Santa Fe is an hour from Albuquerque, but the set was 25 minutes south of that. So they aren’t even traveling that far to go home,” she continued.

Davis went on to say that safety had not been compromised while on set. “Our AD never seemed flippant about safety,” she stated in reference to Dave Halls, the assistant director, “who reportedly handed Baldwin the pistol that killed Hutchins and insisted that it was a ‘cold gun,’ according to a search warrant,” reported the New York Post.

“Am I angry with him? Yes. But I won’t jump on the bandwagon and pretend he was uncaring about our safety the whole way through,” she went on to say.

Davis also went on to defend the sets head armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, aged, 24, from the crew who claimed that she lacked experience.

“I’ll fight to have our armorers have higher standards they must pass to be in that position where they hold all of our lives in their hands,” wrote the costume designer, as seen in the Instagram screenshots.

“But I’m not okay with using her to be the poster child for better hours,” she continued before throwing shade at the “pitchfork” mob blaming the producers of the movie.

“Maybe you could just not be one more person with a pitchfork in a mob that has no idea what you’re talking about because you weren’t there,” she concluded.

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