Advocacy Group Formed to Defend Trump’s Judicial Picks

Article III Project (A3P), is an advocacy project that was formed to help get Trump’s judicial picks once they get to the confirmation stage and will continue to defend them once they take their place on the bench.

Republicans already had a strong foundation built to confirm judges and A3P will put them miles ahead of the Democrats, who try every dirty trick in the book to deny well-qualified judges who do not share their ideology. The founder of the group, Mike Davis, worked as a volunteer to help guide Neil Gorsuch through the confirmation process.

From The Daily Caller

“A3P will punch back and help confirm President Trump’s judicial nominees, defend these new judges from left-wing attacks once confirmed, defend the integrity of the confirmation process, and fight back against the assaults on judicial independence — including radical court-packing, term-limit, and even impeachment schemes,” A3P president Mike Davis said in a statement announcing the group’s launch.

Davis led a volunteer team that helped guide Justice Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. After a short stint in the Gorsuch chambers, Davis joined the Senate Judiciary Committee as chief counsel for nominations, where he served through Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation.

His determined professional efforts match a pugnacious social media presence. In recent weeks Davis has traded barbs with Michael Avenatti, the celebrity litigator and Trump antagonist who represented Kavanaugh-accuser Julie Swetnick. GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa referred Avenatti and Swetnick to the Justice Department for criminal investigation, suggesting the pair made false statements to Congress.

Davis said additional outside efforts are needed to protect Trump’s nominees from “unprecedented obstruction and baseless attacks.” Though judicial politics have inflamed partisan passions for decades, recent confirmation hearings have taken an especially acerbic tone.