Advisory Board Tells School Board To ‘Silence The Opposition’

An advisory group to Virginia’s Loudoun County Public School district (LCPS) demanded that teachers and staff be fired if they criticize the district’s equity training inspired by critical race theory.

The leader of the LCPS’ Minority Student Achievement Advisory Council (MSAAC), Kiara Jennings, sent an email to the district’s Superintendent, School Board Chair, Equity Committee, and the NAACP asking for the silencing of teaching who tried to speak out against diversity training, even in private feedback surveys.

According to the email, Jennings stated that negative feedback “should not be tolerated by anyone employed” by the school district.

The email reads:

I was disheartened to see so much hate and vitriol centered around something that is meant to bring about inclusiveness and equity! 

While much of the push back came from parents and other community members, from what I understand there was also a great deal of negative feedback from LCPS teachers. That simply cannot and should not be tolerated by anyone employed by LCPS! 

If our teachers and staff cannot be open and willing to learn how to be culturally competent then they do not need to be in the classrooms any longer as they will only hinder the process and most importantly cause irreparable harm to the vulnerable hearts and minds of our students.”

Recently, the MSAAC group caught flak online after it vowed to “silence the opposition” on its social media accounts.

“There is strength in numbers and we believe wholeheartedly, that united, we can and will silence the opposition,” the group wrote on Facebook and Twitter. “We ask that you please support our call to action by engaging in these 5 small, but impactful actions to help us in our mission of Advancing Equity Through Action!”

The email from the MSAAC is dangerously close to being like a proposed speech code that would have prohibited staff from negatively talking about the school board’s racial equity plan.

An early draft of the proposed code would have made it against the rules for any teacher to criticize the school district’s “commitment to action-oriented equity practices” in all forums and forms of public and personal communication. The speech code was intended to be passed unnoticed by hiding it inside a “professional conduct” policy proposal. The proposal would have prohibited behavior that goes against “the views, positions, goals, policies, or public statements of the Loudoun County School Board or its superintendent.”

The email from the MSAAC also pushes for the hiring of yet another equity consultant.

“MSAAC also strongly recommends bringing in an equity consultant as this is a heavy lift and we want to get it right this time,”  the email states. “LCPS has missed the mark in this area time and time again and now we are uniquely positioned to stand tall on the right side of history and let hate know it has no place in our community schools.”

LCPS has already spent almost $500k in taxpayer money between 2018-2020 on equity consultants and diversity training inspired by critical race theory that claims racism is inherent in all aspects of America.

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