Actress Takes Insane Stance About Fourth Of July

In the wake of singer Macy Gray throwing shade about the flag, Roseanna Arquette, an actress, seems to be taking a strong stance against the use of fireworks.

The movie star, who is most recently well known for her role in Ratched, a critically acclaimed show on Netflix, put out a tweet that explained her stance on her opposition to the fireworks that take place on the fourth of July weekend, stating, “I love fireworks but boy do they pollute the atmosphere and cause anxiety with the noise in some. At some point we are going to have to give up some things for the well-being of Mother Earth and humans to survive.”

It seems as though that Arquette may have been following the lead from a few legacy media outlets, who have been talking about their concerns in particular about the impact on the environment of the yearly fireworks displays. back on July 2nd, for example, National Geographic put out an article that extensively went into and talked about a study that argued that the traditional fourth of July fireworks displays “disproportionately [exposes]…communities of color to air pollution.”

As stated by Nat Geo:

“The authors also showed that fireworks smoke may be creating an additional—albeit short term—health risk for communities already disproportionately burdened by air pollution: Urban ones with higher rates of asthma, more older residents, and a greater percentage of children under 10. These areas also tended to have more Black and Hispanic residents than those with less Fourth of July air pollution.

The high-risk communities identified in the study have “perpetual exposure to hazardous environmental toxins,” says Aisha Dickerson, an environmental epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins University who wasn’t involved with the paper. “This aggravates an already prevalent and persistent issue.”

In a similar manner to National Geographic, NPR put out a similar story back on July 1st, making the argument that climate change has caused firework use to be untenable.

While this time, Arquette may have stated that her reasoning for going against the fireworks to be environmentalism this time, but we have seen recently seen the 61-year-old left-wing activist has made it very obvious that she holds little respect or desire to acknowledge any such patriotic celebrations in general.

Back on Jung 29th, she stated that she plans to kneel during any renditions of the national anthem going forward, tweeting: “I don’t know about you but if the flag and star spangled banner comes around me I kneel in solidarity and will for the rest of my life.” Also back in 2019, she also stated that she posted a picture of herself flashing the peace sign alongside the caption, “I’ll never stand for the flag again.”

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