Actress Sophia Bush: Denying Kids Sex Changes Akin To ‘Murder’

“One Tree Hill” actress Sophia Bush has drawn a parallel between the prohibition of puberty blockers and sex-change surgeries for minors to “murder.”

In a post on her Instagram this past week, Sophia Bush, 38, has expressed outrage over the Arkansas legislature’s passing of the Save Adolescents From Experimentation (SAFE) Act. The act is set to prevent minors from being put on puberty blockers or undergoing surgical transgender procedures.

#Transkids are under attack across the country,” Bush posted on her Instagram while captioning a photo of herself and several other screengrabs.

“[Arkansas] just banned them from accessing healthcare.” She exclaimed.

We know, of course, that this statement is false due to the fact that gender-confused children can indeed receive normal healthcare. The target of this legislation is to ban controversial surgical sex-change procedures and puberty blockers for all minors.

“This is tantamount to murder,” Bush posted on Instagram. “Kids will tell us who they are. It’s our job to support them, not demonize or harm them.”

This past Tuesday, Arkansas House members passed an override of Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s veto of the SAFE Act, or HB1570. This now allows the bill to move to the Arkansas Senate for consideration.

“I don’t shy away from the battle when it is necessary and defensible, but the most recent action of the general assembly, while well-intended, is off-course and I must veto,” Hutchinson stated to reporters this past Monday.

The bill would have formed “new standards of legislative interference with physicians and parents as they deal with some of the most complex and sensitive matters involving young people,” the Republican argued.

“House bill 1570 would put the state as the definitive oracle of medical care, overriding parents, patients and healthcare experts,” Hutchinson continued. “While in some instances the state must act to protect life, the state should not presume to jump into the middle of every medical, human and ethical issue. This would be, and is, a vast government overreach.”

The Bill, in part, states:

“The state government has a compelling interest in ‘protecting the health and safety of its citizens, especially vulnerable children,’ House Bill 1570 says. ‘For the small percentage of children who are gender nonconforming or experience distress at identifying with their biological sex, studies consistently demonstrate that the majority come to identify with their biological sex in adolescence or adulthood, thereby rendering most physiological interventions unnecessary.’

‘Furthermore, scientific studies show that individuals struggling with distress at identifying with their biological sex often have already experienced psychopathology, which indicates these individuals should be encouraged to seek mental health services to address comorbidities and underlying causes of their distress before undertaking any hormonal or surgical intervention,’ the bill states. ‘Even among people who have undergone inpatient gender reassignment procedures, suicide rates, psychiatric morbidities, and mortality rates remain markedly elevated above the background population.'”

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