ACLU Issues Odd Demands of Uber Eats

This past Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) stated that it is now demanding that Uber Eats stop “misgendering” and “deadnaming” its transgender employees as this leads to the harassment of said employees.

“We are demanding that Uber Eats end its practice of misgendering and deadnaming trans drivers,” stated the ACLU in a tweet sent on on Tuesday.

The extreme left-wing civil liberties law group stated that its current client Laine Repic, a Kansas-centered driver, has “faced harassment and discrimination” due to the fact that the Uber Eats application will only show the driver’s former name to its customers.

Laine has allegedly already made contact with Uber Eats on multiple occasions, but Uber’s group-based food delivery service has completely dropped the ball in sending out updates to the application, claimed the ACLU.

The ACLU went on to add an exhortation to the Biden administration that old Uncle Joe be forced to take action that allows transgender peoples to get a new government ID that has their new preferred name and gender on it.

“President Biden has the power to prevent this dangerous misgendering on IDs,” stated the ACLU.

“Everyone should have access to an accurate ID,” continued the ACLU. “We’re asking the Biden administration to lead and issue an executive order so that trans, non-binary and intersex people can have IDs that reflect who we are.”

The law group went on to point out its petition that is urging Uncle Joe to create an executive order that forces all federal agencies to allow transgender people to “self-verify our own gender and to include a gender-neutral ‘X’ designation option on all federal IDs and records.”

“Trans, intersex, and non-binary people still do not have access to accurate federal IDs,” the ACLU stated as part of the introduction to its petition. “This reality puts too many of us – particularly trans people of color and especially Black trans people – at risk of daily discrimination because our identification doesn’t reflect who we are.”

The ACLU has done extremely extensive work in the past in defending transgender clients, such as transgender students who seek to compete against the athletes of the sex of their chosen identities. The ACLU stated that there is a “coordinated attack” on transgender student-athletes.

In the past, Uber has expressed its support for the LGBT people and issued an outline of some of the actions the company is currently doing in order to be more inclusive of any transgender people, which includes “transgender services for our employees to support their transgender journey.”

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