Abbott Finally Signs Voter Integrity Bill That Sent Dems Running

This past Tuesday, Greg Abbott, the Republican Governor of Texas, has finally signed a voter integrity bill into actual law, the very same law that caused Democrats to flee the state in an attempt to manipulate the vote to send it to the Governor.

In a ceremony celebrating the signing that was held on Tuesday, Abbott stated that the bill makes “it easier than ever before for anybody to go cast a ballot. It does also, however, make sure it is harder than ever for people to cheat at the ballot box.”

“Election integrity is now law in Texas,” Abbott stated right before he signed the bill.

The new bill puts forth several stipulations to ensure complete integrity in the casting of ballots, going so far as to issue a ban on all drive-through and round-the-clock voting, and going on to add the requirement of an ID for all Mail-in and absentee ballots.

“Those who do want to vote-by-mail must now provide their driver’s license number or the last four digits of their Social Security number when they’re applying for a mail-in ballot and when they send it back in” reported the Daily Mail. The very same measure also stated that all polling locations in areas containing more than 55,000 people offer at least a total of 12 hours of early voting.

The freshly signed law also puts in place a series of training programs for all poll watchers, who can now be far more active in their monitoring of the entire voting process. The people working the polls are not going to be forced to just sit in place, and it allows them to monitor and keep track of activities going on across the polling location. All people assisting someone in the filling out of a ballot will now also have to sign an affidavit that states that they did so in accordance with the voter’s wishes and not their own.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the new law also requires the Texas Secretary of State to keep track of a series of consistently updated voter polls.

Groups of Democratic legislators throughout Texas attempted to stall out the passage of the bill by attempting to flee the state, traveling on their chartered private planes all the way to offices in Washington, D.C., where they were going to try and call for the For the People Act, which is a federal voting rights bill that some critics seem to claim would lead to a federal “takeover” at the state level of the whole election process. Upon reaching the end of their retreats, however, quite a few of the Democrat Texan legislators came down with cases of COVID-19, causing a small outbreak through Democratic Congressional and White House staffers.

“The governor’s signature ends months of legislative clashes and standoffs during which Democrats — propelled by concerns that the legislation raises new barriers for marginalized voters — forced Republicans into two extra legislative sessions,” reported The Texas Tribune. “SB 1 is set to take effect three months after the special legislative session, in time for the 2022 primary elections.”

Reportedly, the democrats are planning to seek legal action against the law.


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