A Possible Explanation As To Why Rosenstein Hasn’t Faced Impeachment

If you are like me, you have been angry at the House for not impeaching Rod Rosenstein. It has been frustrating to watch. But now Rep Devin Nunes has been recorded explaining to donors why it hasn’t happened.

Not only do I understand, but I approve wholeheartedly with their actions. What happens if the House votes for impeachment? It then goes to the Senate for action. The action is correct, but the timing is not. Currently, the Senate is working hard to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court before the October session begins. If the Senate has to deal with impeachment… That certainly can’t happen.

What would you rather have? Kavanaugh on the court or have the House impeach Rosenstein? Especially, when you consider the fact that Rosenstein can be impeached by the House. Although it would take 16 Democrats voting with Republicans to remove him from his job. Nunes says that once Kavanaugh is in, they can concentrate on impeachment.

From The Blaze

In another portion of the tape Nunes said that the special counsel’s investigation was politically motivated, but admitted that some of the president’s tweets made him “cringe.”

“They know it’s ridiculous to go after the president for obstruction of justice,” Nunes said. “But if they tell a lie often enough and they put it out there and they say, ‘Oh, we’re looking at the tweets,’ cause you know you’ve got a mixed bag on the tweets, right? Like sometimes you love the president’s tweets, sometimes we cringe on the president’s tweets.”

“But they’re trying to make a political,” he added, “this is all political as to why that story ran in the New York Times on the tweets.”

Nunes went on to explain the importance of this year’s elections. With both the FBI and the DOJ being run by the Deep State, only Congress is saving us from seeing these bogus investigations continue.