A Likely Cause For The Horrifying China Eastern Airlines Crash Has Been Found

A group of experts has been speculating about the possible causes of the horrific place crash that was caught on film this past Monday that showed a China Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-800 divebombing out of the sky to vertically strike the ground.

As seen in data released by Flightradar24, it was shown that the aircraft was sitting nicely at 29,000 feet when it suddenly dropped more than 20,000 feet in a little under a minute before slamming vertically into the ground. The rescue crews on site have, as of writing, not been able to locate any survivors of the over 130 people who were taking that flight at the time.

“Even with total loss of power, no aircraft plummets to the ground from 20,000 feet in two minutes with an event at 8,000 feet,” stated Neil Hansford, an Australian aviation expert, to News.com.au. “I think aircraft technical failure can be ruled out and it will be an external event … I would get on a Boeing 737-800 in an instant with an Australian carrier, so my suggestion would be it won’t be Boeing or aircraft technical related.”

“It is very unlikely the pilot passed out as the non-flying pilot would have been able to very safely take over the flying and land the aircraft,” he stated. “Likely scenarios include pilot suicide, aircraft mid-air collision with military aircraft (they don’t have transponders like civil aircraft), [flight MU5735] was struck by a missile or an on-board explosion. My tipping is a human-induced event or bought down by rogue missile. Debris looks like MH117 over Ukraine, and the Chinese are providing too much information this time which is uncharacteristic.”

In response to the incident, China Eastern Airlines immediately grounded its entire fleet of  Boeing 737-800s, and Xi Jinping, the community dictator of the country, called for an immediate investigation.

Sally Gethin, a U.K. aviation expert, stated that it was “really hard to ascertain at this point in time whether the aircraft was entirely intact when it dropped so suddenly.”

“I would tend to think that there had already been a catastrophic incident on board for it to be able to drop so dramatically in that way,” she stated. “But at the same time, it could also be a problem that the pilot was struggling with and finally lost control.”

Gethin made sure to stay away from giving in to too much speculation about any likely causes of the crash but did take time to highlight where the cause of the crash will be determined.

“[It] will be revealed in their communications with the radar control, with their traffic management side, and that will be revealed in the voice recorder,” she claimed.

“[The plane] was at nearly 30,000 feet – which is cruising altitude – and from the ground that would look like a dot up in the sky,” she stated when questioned about footage displaying the crash. “It fell from that height – nearly 30,000 feet – suddenly perpendicular. It maintained some stability, it paused and then several seconds later it then dropped again suddenly. That footage captures it in that second phase, where it drops completely vertically to the ground.”

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