8-Time Felon and Illegal Strikes Again – This Time Takes a Life

California must be the state with the lowest IQs. I mean, they see a multiple offender illegal alien get released time after time until they finally commit a murder.

California refused 8 ICE detainers since 2013 for violent crimes and now, he has been arrested for killing a random woman in cold blood and I’m still not sure California will allow his deportation. But still, the voters put Democrats in charge of their lives. Not exactly MENSA material, if you know what I mean.

You must really have low esteem if you believe a career criminal illegal alien’s life has more value than your own.

From Breitbart News

Two California counties failed to honor ICE detainers for a Salvadoran national before the murder of a woman for which he has now been arrested.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had issued nine detainers for criminal illegal alien Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, 24, in order to deport him, but Los Angeles and Santa Clara counties each ignored them. Carranza has a “long criminal history,” according to NBC Bay Area. The counties released him every time without notifying ICE.

Carranza was recently arrested for the vicious murder of a 59-year-old woman in San Jose in February.

His more than ten prior convictions over three years include “kidnapping, drug possession, battery on a police officer, trespassing and burglary” according to the report that added he was diagnosed with psychosis in 2016. The report cited acting field office director for ICE Erik Bonnar for the number of crimes:

How many more people have to be killed or injured before California lawmakers will open discussions to revise the state policy prohibiting local law enforcement agencies from working with ICE to apprehend dangerous criminal aliens? It’s unfortunate that our communities face dangerous consequences because of inflexible state laws that protect criminal aliens. These sanctuary policies have unintended, but very real, and often tragic consequences to public safety.

San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia placed blame for Carranza’s releases on those who set the policies. “Those policies are not set at our level,” he said during a Tuesday afternoon press conference, according to the report. Garcia said Carranza had stalked the victim and trolled the neighborhood.