72% of Americans Blame the Media for Spreading Hate and Division

According to a poll by the Washington Examiner finds that 72% of all Americans and even 51% of Democrats say that the news media is responsible for spreading hate and division throughout the country.

69% say that President Trump does, but most of that can be attributed to the press that declared the president is a racist and hates his Jewish daughter and grandchildren. 93% of all press coverage is negative towards Trump, compared to 92% positive for Barack Obama. But even with that, Trump has higher approval ratings consistently higher than Obama’s. Will CNN run a story that the people are calling the press the enemy of the people?

From Breitbart News

The pollster found that those polled “felt the mainstream media spreads hate and misunderstanding, also felt that President Trump is responsible for the spread of hate and misunderstanding, but more voters overall, and in most sub-groups, blame the media slightly more!”

Those surveyed were asked, Do you agree or disagree: The mainstream media/President Trump has played a major role in dividing Americans along racial, gender and political lines. This has led to a spread of hate and misunderstanding among some people.”

Only 29 percent of those polled disagreed that the media spread division and hate.

This poll is almost perfectly aligns with a poll released at the beginning of the month where 64 percent of those polled blame the media for dividing the country, compared to just 56 percent who say the same about Trump.

A poll taken in June showed that 72 percent of American believe the media deliberately spread fake news.