“Shadow Brokers” Group Offers Monthly Subscriptions for Upcoming NSA Leaks

A monthly subscription service for this crap? Are you serious? This is starting to get nuts, folks!

The Shadow Brokers, which is believed to be either a group or a single person within the National Security Agency, announced today that they will offer a monthly subscription service for anyone interested in receiving more documents they claim contains never-before-seen information.

They began releasing information in August of 2016, with a suite of “hacking tools” from NSA documents taken in 2013. The tools were then used in a Wanna Cry ransomware that affected computers worldwide earlier this month.

“TheShadowBrokers is not deciding yet. Something of value to someone… Peoples is seeing what happenings when theshadowbrokers is showing theshadowbrokers’ first. This is being wrong question. Question to be asking ‘Can my organization afford not to be first to get access to theshadowbrokers dumps?'”

As written for NewsMax.com by Wanda Carruthers:

The Shadow Brokers posted instructions on how to join a “Wine of the Month” club to receive new NSA leaks with a pricetag of 100 ZCash coins, or roughly $23,000. ZCash is a form of digital currency similar to Bitcoin.

The Shadow Brokers often use broken English in their postings, which is believed to be an attempt to conceal their identity. They indicated interested parties should not be opposed to risking their investment for the information.

“If you caring about loosing $20k+ Euro then not being for you. Monthly dump is being for high rollers, hackers, security companies, OEMs, and governments. Playing ‘the game’ is involving risks,” one post explained.

Not much is known about the Shadow Brokers, the article stated, including whether they are hackers or NSA insiders. The group explained they will not divulge the nature of the contents of files prior to their release, including what would be included in next month’s documents.

‘Shadow Brokers’ Offer Monthly Subscriptions for Upcoming NSA Leaks

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