Count How Many Times CNN Reporter Pats Himself on the Back over Harvey Rescue

While it’s worthy of the CNN crews on scene to help these victims are they could… they sure as heck LOVED patting themselves on the back A LOT for doing the right thing and making sure to highlight the hell out of it every chance they got. And isn’t that what this is all about? I mean… there are others still out there rescuing stranded people and then they once they’re safe they get right back to doing it. Not to stop and look at the camera and go “look at me!! look at what I did!” like a child to it’s parent.

And sorry if I sound petty, folks… but I am. I never really cared much for CNN in the past but seeing their coverage of all things President Trump and learning the truths about some of their “nothing burger” stories really just makes me despise them even more. And do not get me wrong… what I’ve written here I feel is on par with how their handling of the Harvey coverage truly is.

A CNN crew…jumping into action to help this elderly couple,” host Brooke Baldwin gushed with the chyron teasing a “dramatic rescue.”

“CNN crew helps pulls elderly couple from flooded home,” another chyron related to the events said.

“A remarkable effort by state and local officials to help as many people as possible–sometimes, not from officials at all, but from people just out there trying to help,” host John Berman said in regards to the CNN crew.

“This was Ed Lavandera just yesterday on CNN,” Berman explained. “Ed was traveling with volunteers just out there trying to help.”

Then Breman really praised his own crew for giving a man use of their satellite phone… as if it was the 8th wonder of the world to do.