Planned Parenthood Supporter Samantha Bee Vows Fight Against White Supremacy

What’s the definition of irony? Alt-left and their so-called “anti-racism” and steadily standing behind Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by Margaret Sanger, a white supremacist and eugenicist.

Sanger is documented as calling minorities and the low class “human weeds” yet the Liberal Left love spinning this or ignoring it completely… why? Because it fits their agenda.

And then there’s Samantha Bee… ugh…

As reported by The Daily Wire:

Speaking with Entertaiment Weekly, Bee announced that she will be donating to a charity founded by a former neo-Nazi called Life After Hate in response to Charlottesville, which is a good thing, just hypocritical.

The charity seeks to rehabilitate former white supremacists after they integrate into society by training them to become mentors for other defectors. The charity had a federal grant, but it had its funding pulled back in June.

“The group came to our attention during a field piece because we learned about the imminent loss of that grant,” Bee said. “We heard it was the only organization outside of the FBI that was doing this type of work — trying to extract people out of the life of violent white supremacy.”

Christian Picciolini, the group’s founder, says the internet has largely helped fuel the alt-right’s new propaganda machine. From his interview with NPR:

They’re able to find that community, and they’re able to find that purpose that’s being fed to them by savvy recruiters who understand how to target vulnerable young people. And they go for this solution because, frankly, it promises paradise. And it requires very little work except for dedicating your life to that purpose.

But I can say that they’re all being fooled, because the people at the very top have an agenda. And it’s a broken ideology that can never work, that in fact, is destroying people’s lives more than the promise that they were given of helping the world or saving the white race.

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