Despite The Evidence WATCH How Often CNN Denies Left Bias

This is a fairly common move for CNN, that is to deny and bias in their reporting… they still like to play up the guise of being a real news source but we all know the truth. They’re far-left and push the liberal agenda often to an extreme. Here they are denying it over and over again.

I often wonder to myself if the anchors who report this b.s., who try so hard to deny this sort of activity, ever really question what they’re doing? I wonder if they’ve ever stood up to a producer and said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” or if they’re just happy cashing their fat paychecks? I doubt it… they’re looking to be idolized, I feel, more than anything here.

“My job is not to be liked. My job is to tell the truth and deliver the facts and hold people accountable,” said Tapper during a February interview with CBS’ Stephen Colbert.

CNN’s Dylan Byers described persons of “the media” as broadly “acting in good faith and with good intentions” during a panel discussion in May.

During an impromptu interview with TMZ in July of 2016, CNN’s Chris Cuomo denied the existence of an “anti-Donald Trump” bias at CNN.

CNN’s Don Lemon denied the existence of a broad “liberal bias” across the news media during an interview with MRCTV in October of 2015: “I don’t think that people are deliberately trying to skew things one way or the other.”

“I don’t know of anyone that has put out a story in the mainstream media … to intentionally deceive anyone,” said Lemon during a February segment.

“We need people to trust us, and I think that we have been acting in a way that garners that trust,” said CNN’s Jim Acosta during a Newseum-hosted panel discussion in April.

Source: The Daily Wire

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