Democrats Laud Biden’s Struggling Economy With New Promo Themed As ‘Star Wars Day’

The social media council for the Democrat Party has gone to a new level by posting a promo for Old Uncle Joe that seemingly commemorates “Star Wars Day.”

The short video, that was titled “Episode 46: Building a Better America,” was officially made public this past Wednesday on May 4th which has been recognized online as the official “Star Wars Day” because of how close the date sounds to the phrase “May the Force be with you!”

Much like the universe it is referencing, the entire promo seems to be heavily seated in more fiction than fact as it takes the stance of showing the American economy as doing amazing and climbing throughout Old Uncle Joe’s first year sitting in the Oval Office.

“President Biden is building a better America,” the post stated in the same style,” stated the post making use of the same style as the famous SCI-Fi series iconic opening text crawl. “The U.S. economy has added nearly 8 million jobs since President Biden took office and experienced the greatest year of job growth under any President in history last year.”

Historically, officials with the White House have made many similar claims, all without mentioning the fact that Biden’s supposed job growth is happening as the United States begins to recover jobs from COVID-19 and its lockdown-induced recession, rather than making the new jobs from scratch. Near the first of the year, there was even a fact-checker for the Washington Post that found problems with the rhetoric from the administration in regards to job growth.

“And thanks to the American Rescue Plan,” stated the post, “the U.S. is on track for the largest deficit cut in history this year: $1.3 trillion.”

Along with the claim concerning job growth, the assertions from the Democrats entirely fail to account for the existence of COVID-19, especially including former President Donald Trump’s $2.2 trillion CARES Act and subsequently Old Uncle Joe’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, because both of those plans played a role in the now ballooning deficits across 2020 and 2021. It seems clear from all of this that the officials within the Biden administration seem to be counting the lack of blowout legislation as a wholesale victory.

In the wake of lauding the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law–of which only a small 10% actually goes to fund bridges, roads, and other infrastructure– the post went one, “President Biden is laser-focused on lowering costs for Americans. His plan will ensure billionaires pay their fair share in taxes, continue our historic economic recovery, and bring down costs for working families.”

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