Senator Cruz Gives BLISTERING Smackdown To MSNBC Reporter

Katy Tur, of MSNBC, tried to get political during an interview with Senator Ted Cruz. They were suppose to be discussing Hurricane Harvey, which has just hit Texas, when Tur decided to bring up a bill that Cruz voted against meant to aid those struck by Hurricane Sandy.

Cruz attempted to redirect the interview back to what the format was meant to be instead of something political as Tur attempted to do, and called out Katy Tur for “political sniping”. Despite this, she pressed onward.

“Those people lost everything they owned,” Tur said.

“The accurate thing to say is that I and others enthusiastically and emphatically supported hurricane relief,” Cruz said. “The problem with that particular bill was that it turned into a $50 billion bill that was filled with unrelated pork.”

“Two-thirds of that bill had nothing to do with Sandy,” Cruz asserted. “It’s not right for politicians to exploit a disaster…to pay for their own political wishlist.”

And this, folks, is why liberal news outlets are losing their viewership in droves. This large natural disaster as struck Texas and as Texas are pulling together to provide and save lives during this tragic team some liberal b.s. a-hole goes “ya know what…” and tries to turn it into freaking politics!

But it was nice to see Ted Cruz not try to deflect or simply ignore the question. He went on the offense with facts and easily put Katy Tur in her place.

If you’re this far I’m assuming you’ve watched the video. Notice how she makes such a blanket statement without any regards to what actually happened? I wonder if she even bothered to look into it? She even claimed “a lot of people are asking” — I’d bet money no one asked that.

How do you think Ted Cruz did with this portion of the interview?