CNN Quiet As Investigation On HUGE Democrat Scandal Shakes Washington

The latest Democratic scandal to hit the political swamp is that of BobBrady who is currently under investigation for allegedly paying off his main opponent to drop out of the race… and thus far CNN hasn’t covered one iota of it.

Specifically, the FBI has been granted a search warrant for his campaign email address,, as part of the investigation which alleges that he paid off his opponent Jimmie Moore during a 2012 bid.

Two of Brady’s consultants have already been in charged in connection with the investigation.

CNN has shown their obvious left-leaning bias time and again with maneuvers like this. Though plenty of airtime is given for the “Trump Dossier” which still has huge, rather important, chunks of it unverified by both the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Or how about the fact that an entire show very recently was dedicated to talking smack about Sean Hannity? Both stories you can already find here on Steadfast and Loyal.

As reported by Peter Hasson for The Daily Caller:

A search of CNN’s website shows the news outlet has yet to publish an article acknowledging the investigation into the congressman.

And while CNN devoted plenty of coverage to President Trump’s feud with Lavar Ball, the father of UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball, the network has yet to even acknowledge the investigation into Brady on-air since the news broke, according to broadcast monitoring service TVEyes.

CNN isn’t the only major network keeping its viewers in the dark about the Brady investigation. MSNBC also has yet to mention the story on-air since it broke.

Fox News covered the story both online and in its on-air coverage.

FBI special agent Jonathan R. Szeliga filed a search warrant request on November 1 in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania for all emails associated with Brady’s campaign email.