Bruce Blasts Blitzer for ‘Appalling’ Comparison Between Charlottesville & Barcelona

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer thought it would be a good freaking idea to compare the ISIS-related terror attack in Barcelona to what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. What a flippin’ idiot. The host actually stated that the Barcelona attack may be a COPYCAT VERSION of Charlottesville!! Wow…

“They used the same killing device,” Blitzer noted, since both attacks involved a vehicle being used to hit innocent people.

I know he’s not joking but how in the world do you even compare the two? What would even compel you to make such a statement, Wolf? I mean… was it shock and ratings? Was that your goal? Or do you truly believe in what you said?

Wolf Blitzer you should be ashamed of yourself for making the comparison. If it wasn’t bad enough that you’re on a network that has admitted to pushing false narratives against President Donald Trump now you’re going to compare the Charlottesville protest and riot to an actual and legitimate terrorist organization? Come on man…

As reported by Fox News:

Stuart Varney said the comment was “outrageous” and was an attempt to associate President Trump with the terrorist attack.

“Wolf Blitzer is a good man, but he shouldn’t have done that,” he said.

Tammy Bruce agreed, pointing out that others on CNN picked up on the talking point and the coverage should concern Americans.

“There’s a pathological fixation. Every single thing they see over there they interpret through the lens of hating Trump,” said the radio host and Fox News contributor.

She said the idea is to make Americans “infer” that Trump is responsible for what happened in Charlottesville and now can also be linked to the Spain attack, which left 14 dead and dozens injured.

Bruce made the point that Fox Business covers world events through the lens of business and markets, but many in the media are now covering every event with a tainted anti-Trump view.