Alex Jones Embarrasses Himself in Seattle

To some Alex Jones is a genius who is always spitting out the truth. To some others, he’s way into conspiracies and they wonder how much he knows… and to others, he’s a whack-a-doo. The people in Seattle seem to take to the whack-a-doo approach.

Calling the people from Seattle “the biggest cucks on the planet” the headstrong media personality took to the streets to ask people some questions… whether they’re real or not, who knows LOL.

Essentially, he’s asking people about the mainstream media attempting to tank the stock market.


“Did you see how newspapers everywhere said the economy was going to implode today and then it caused the stock market to implode?” he asks one woman who approached him.

“I just wanted to stop to tell you that I think your show is terrible,” she replies. “I think you are full of conspiracies.”

After someone calls him a “jacka**” from afar, Jones screams back, “I’m changing society, not you!”

And yet another person gives Jones’ the finger, which prompts him to chase the man down, calling him a “coward”.

“You’re not an intellectual! You’re a fake and a phony and a fraud,” he screams.

After some F-Yous are exchanged, Jones declares the people of Seattle “the biggest cucks on the planet!”

Sometimes it’s hard to take Alex Jones seriously. I’m sure he thought he going to ruffle some Liberal feathers as he drank their tears and why not? A lot of good, viral, videos are created with the same context. But I’d argue it’s hard to be taken seriously when you simultaneously declare the media is tanking the stock market and that lizard people are controlling the government (I’m sure he’s said that at some point but really I’m speculating).

Still… the video is funny whether you’re a fan of Jones’ or not. Let us know what you thought about this video in the comments!

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