This Democratic Candidate Sounds The Call For A $30 Minimum Wage

Hailing from Washington State, one Democratic congressional candidate is making an argument for a $30 per hour minimum wage, stating that the $15 minimum wage movement is sporting an entirely outdated number.

As a candidate for Washington’s 6th District which includes Tacoma, Rebecca Parson issued the comment via a recent post on social media.

“$15 minimum wage is an antiquated demand. It should be $30 per hour,” she exclaimed in the tweet.

“1 adult supporting 1 kid needs $30 an hour across the country. Rural, urban, suburban: $30 is the floor. As you say your nightly prayers to Saint Elon while you fall asleep tonight, reflect on why you punch down on poor people instead of up at your heavenly billionaire,” she stated via another post.

Parson stated, as part of her campaign video, “I and other organizers have occupied empty buildings, demanding housing for our homeless neighbors. I risked arrest because we can’t just wait for the corporate establishment to help.”

Parson also issued the claim via her video that she will emulate “Congresswoman Cori Bush,” who is a forefront member of the “Squad” and an overtly progressive Democrat who slept outside in the nation’s capital to advocate for housing. Parson also claimed that she can identify with those in need because she’s “been homeless, too,” despite having a master’s degree from the prestigious Johns Hopkins.

The socialist Democrat from Washington previously ran for the House back in 2020, where she managed to get roughly 35,000 votes, as stated in her video. She also makes the claim that she is the “first woman and first gay person” to attempt to run for the seat.

The prominent topics she brings up in her video are “housing for all, Medicare for all, food for all, and no more poverty.”

Back in 2020, a previous tweet also highlighted that Parson joined up with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) managed to secure her spot in a congressional district in New York. The DSA also issued their endorsement of Parson for her 2020 bid.

It was reported by Fox News that Parson managed to get just 13.5% of the vote back in 2020, for a total of 35,631 votes.

Democratic Rep. Derek Klimer took that primary election sporting a strong 47.3%, which equates to 125,019 votes, and then took the general election. He currently sits as the top opponent for Parson in the upcoming 2022 elections as he is still slated to run for reelection.

In a release, she stated to the outlet, “I’m calling for a federal minimum wage of $30, because that’s the floor across the country for one working adult to be able to support one child. From rural to urban to suburban areas in the Northeast, South, Midwest, Southwest, West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii, the federal minimum wage isn’t enough to support a family, and neither is $15 an hour. The Fight for $15 campaign started 10 years ago and the demand is no longer commensurate with real-world conditions.”

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