The Clinton Foundation Keeping “dirty money” from Harvey Weinstein Tells A Different Tale

Peter Schweizer, Breitbart News senior editor-at-large and author the book “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” appeared with Tucker Carlson to discuss the latest drop by the Clinton Foundation.

Essentially they’re keeping the “dirty money” from Harvey Weinstein… hey now, try not to look so shocked!

Schweizer made it a point to single out the low numbers the foundation has had as of late, attributing it to Hillary Clinton’s failed bid at the Presidency and, essentially, having nothing of value to offer.

“[T]hey have two arms of this — the Clinton Foundation and then, of course, the Clinton Global Initiative, CGI,” he explained. “CGI shut down after the 2016 election. It no longer exists. And that was really the central marketplace for influence peddling. Clinton Foundation has tried to position itself in a different way. They tried to amass an endowment over the last couple of years, so they probably got $150 million parked away. So, they can certainly give this money to someone else. They have it.”

“But the long-term and medium-term prospects are not good. They don’t have access to sell, as that same Chelsea Clinton review pointed out, that internal review. A lot of the high-dollar donors were expecting quid pro quos. And if you don’t have anything to sell, people are not going to give money to your organization. And that is precisely the problem the Clintons are running into.”

And it all, at least to me, makes sense. I bet a lot of people were ready to ride the Clinton Presidency waves VERY hard and now they got squat!

Just a book called What Happened where she points the finger at everyone else.

What do you think of this interview? Did you find it as insightful and, heck, funny as I did?