Since We’re Tearing Down Offensive Statues, Here Are The Locations of Three That Need to Go First

Yes… there are some statues of Vladimir Lenin around the nation… let’s tear them down!

Lenin killed MILLIONS of his own people.

As reported by Independent Journal Review:

If we as a society are going to begin the process of tearing down statues of terrible people, there should be absolutely no argument against tearing down a number of Vladimir Lenin statues which proudly stand in America today. Here is a little background on the Soviet leader, just so we’re all on the same page as to what a monster Lenin was, and why his likeness does not deserve space on any American street.

Lenin killed millions of his own people, many in concentration camps, and openly sought the execution of political adversaries. He paved the way for Soviet occupation of free nations in the vicinity of Russia and established the one-party communist state, which led to unthinkable genocide and mass murder. In a previous article, IJR reported:

The oppressive Soviet regime came to power through a bloody coup in 1917 and exercised a death grip over most of Eastern Europe after World War II. The Union crumbled in the late 1980s, leaving in its wake broken, fractured nations and a horrific logbook of deaths. The war histories website,, has averaged academic reports on the overall arc of the Soviet Union and come to this conclusion: 56 to 62 million “unnatural deaths” for the USSR overall, with 34 to 49 million under Stalin.

New York City: “This 18-foot Lenin statue carries quite the history. It was originally commissioned by the USSR, but the implosion of that country in 1989 – the year Red Square was built at 250 East Houston – prevented its display. The developers of the property, Michael Shaoul and Michael Rosen, reportedly found it trashed in a backyard just outside Moscow and installed it five years later.”

Seattle, Washington: “The path to Seattle from Poprad, Slovakia, for this 8-ton bronze of the Communist revolutionary occurred because Lewis Carpenter of Issaquah saw it, bought it and brought it back after the collapse of the Soviet bloc.”

Los Angeles: “But the statue, named “Miss Mao Trying to Poise Herself at the Top of Lenin’s Head”, was created by the Gao Brothers, and has been on display with the Ace Gallery since 2011.”