Senator Feinstein Makes A Case For Trump [Video]

Senator Dianne Feinstein appeared with CNN’s Jake Tapper for a lengthy interview but this is the part we found most interesting.

Tapper asked “Have you seen any evidence that this dirt, these emails, were ever given to the Trump campaign?” to which the Democratic Senator has said “not so far”.

Feinstein is part of the Senate Intelligence Committee so… she’d know, right?

“Have you seen any communications that suggested that the Trump campaign wanted them to release [emails] through a different means? Because obviously they were ultimately released by Wikileaks,” said Tapper.

“No, I have not,” Feinstein responded.

And of course they don’t have any evidence. WE ALL KNOW WHO THE REAL CULPRIT IS! Just read this speculative piece from yesterday that went viral. Allegedly, Trump is basically asking for the investigation into him as he and Sessions prepare to bring down the DNC House.

From what we see in this video, too, it’s actually nice to see a Democrat who doesn’t go right into the deep end with their “but Trump…” crap. Ultimately, they got nothing and I, for one, can’t wait for that House to be brought down to it’s knees!

As reported by Chuck Ross for The Daily Caller:

Both panels are investigating various aspects of Russian interference in the presidential campaign.

Tapper was asking Feinstein about revelations this week that former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos told the FBI that he was in talks with a London-based professor with Kremlin connections who claimed in April 2016 to have learned that the Russian government had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton in the form of “thousands” of her emails.


The idea that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian operatives to hack into and disseminate Democrats’ emails has been a core theory of the collusion allegation. That theory rests largely on a dossier funded by the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee.


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