Is This Proof CNN Wants Trump & Supporters Dead?

Can something as simple as an image, a video game, or even words bring out the worst in us? There’s always been debates about this and if you listen to the liberal left… many of them sure do seem to think so. People on that side of the isle have staged protests (in one form or another) for all sorts of boycotts and bans on these things. Given that… is this proof that CNN, a liberal news channel, wants President Trump and his supporters assassinated?

As written for Daily Wire by John Nolte:

The image of Clark Gable not wearing one in Frank Capra’s It Happened One Night (1934) almost put the t-shirt industry out of business. Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver (1976) inspired a presidential assassin. Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008) inspired a Joker-like movie theater massacre. David Fincher’s Fight Club (1999) inspired its own Project Mayhem. Need I go on?

The question is not whether or not words and images inspire violence. We know they do. The question is whether or not living in a free society is worth that cost. Of course it is.

The other question — and this is the only important one — is one of intent.

credit: Gage Skidmore

We know this for a fact because throughout the years, CNN has admitted that the very behavior the network now aggressively engages in, provokes and inspires political violence.

Some examples…

We know for a fact that CNN believes that symbols as innocuous as crosshairs on a political map can result in a political assassination. We know this because for weeks after 2011’s horrific Gabby Giffords shooting, CNN blamed Sarah Palin for this shooting. Palin put usual-usual crosshairs on a political map (a normal practice at the time) and CNN revealed to us again and again that they believed those symbols provoked this assassination attempt.

And so, because CNN believes this, we know without any uncertainty what CNN’s intent is when they point what looks like a sniper scope at the Oval Office and then broadcast that symbol worldwide. We know what CNN’s intent is when they blast out photos and videos that compare a symbolic political pledge to a “Hitleresque” Nazi salute.

Another example… We know for a fact that CNN believes images inspire political violence. We know this because CNN told us so in the wake of that godawful 2015 church shooting in South Carolina. For weeks CNN told us the image of the Rebel Flag provoked this violence.

And so, because we know what CNN believes, without any uncertainty we know what CNN’s intent is when they defend, praise, recommend, and stand by their parent company’s decision to sponsor an assassination porn play that depicts the bloody murder of President Trump.


If You Need Proof CNN Wants Trump and His Supporters Assassinated — Here It Is

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