Hillary’s Hack is Back! Former Democratic Loser Can’t Keep From Coughing at Commencement Speech

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Hillary Clinton returned to her alma mater of Wellesley College this week to deliver a commencement speech meant to inspire the graduates as they move on the the next phase of life.

Instead, what the students received was a harsh reminder about the reality of the former First Lady’s ailing health.


Throughout the election of 2016, Hillary’s health was constantly on the minds of American voters.  For every piece of assistance she needed to traverse staircases of any length, all the way to her 9/11 memorial fainting episode, the leftist mainstream media seemed to have a mundane answer, even blaming the latter incident on pneumonia.  This excuse was absurd, of course, as Clinton had no other symptoms of the illness, nor did her campaign restrict her access to other human beings during this time.

The cough, however, has been one piece of the Hillary health puzzle that has never fully left the public eye.  It is such a prevalent piece of knowledge that it even pops up in liberal-leaning Google’s autocomplete searches with songs and remixes of songs:

There has still been no explanation given by Hillary or any incarnation of her evil army assistants as to why the former Secretary of State continues to break down into these painful-sounding fits.  Furthermore, after Clinton has the hacking under control, her voice remains hoarse and “froggy”.  It stands to reason that her vocal cords are being obstructed by whatever her body just sent their way, leading us to believe that whatever her ailment may be, it is not strictly of the head, nose, or throat variety.


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