Hillary Clinton And The Carbon Offsets Lie

Nearly two years ago Hillary Clinton had promised to purchase some “Carbon Offset” credits to help “counter” the carbon dioxide that her PRIVATE jet emitted… and it turns out that was a big fat LIE.

While she and her campaign did purchase some credits in 2008 none were purchased by the campaign in 2016, according to the company Native Energy.

These carbon offset credits are, in theory, a way for people to “offset” their pollution footprint. The companies that do these typically offset it by investing in green energy or even planting trees.

As written for The Daily Caller by Michael Bastasch:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to have broken her promise to run a carbon neutral campaign by purchasing credits to offset all the carbon dioxide emitted from her private jet travel.

The Clinton campaign promised nearly two years ago to go carbon neutral after the former top diplomat was caught flying a private jet the same day she gave a speech on the dangers of man-made global warming.

That promise remains unkept, a Daily Caller News Foundation review of federal election filings found.

Clinton aides said “offsetting our carbon footprint is still an important goal for this campaign,” but media reports from late 2015 and early 2016 found the Clinton campaign had not offset their carbon dioxide emissions.

Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign bought carbon offsets from Native Energy, but the company said Clinton did not buy any offsets from them during the 2016 campaign.

“The Clinton 2016 campaign did not purchase offsets from us,” Native Energy spokesman Tom Stoddard told TheDCNF.

The Clinton campaign, however, did manage to spend more than $900,000 with the private jet chartering company Executive Fliteways in 2015. About $560,000 of that private jet spending came after Clinton pledged to buy carbon offsets.

Clinton Campaign Never Bought ‘Carbon Offsets’ To Atone For Hillary’s Private Jet Rides

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