The Hill Slams Breitbart For Calling Out Fake News!

Jonathan Easley of The Hill claims that because Breitbart fact checks A LOT of liberal and mainstream media stories and calls out the fake news providers that Breitbart has hurt mainstream medias credibility “at a time when the press is under more scrutiny than ever before”


From The Hill:

A string of high-profile corrections and retractions by major news organizations on stories about President Trump or his allies have fueled more allegations of bias in the mainstream press.

The relationship between Trump and the news media regularly hits new lows, with insults flying between the two camps and reporters warning that the president is inciting violence against journalists.

But Trump’s allies on the right believe the president’s claims that the mainstream media is “fake news” have been bolstered by recent missteps. They point to recent admissions from top news outlets — including CNN, the New York Times and the Associated Press — that bombshell stories were either overcooked or included incorrect details.

Adding insult to injury: Breitbart News, the pro-Trump media outlet that is scorned by many in the mainstream press, has been fact-checking their mainstream counterparts with some success.

It truly doesn’t get any zanier than this, folks. According to the liberals at THE HILL telling people, accurately mind you, that an established media source is, in fact, spreading fake news is now what’s hurting the credibility of news organizations AND NOT THE FAKE NEWS ITSELF I GUESS?!?

What has happened to this world?!

SWEET BABY GRAVY! What is it about liberals that make them deflect from all personal responsibility. It’s got to be part of that whole “not thinking of the individual” garbage they try to push on everyone else, right? I mean, just… WOW, welcome to the new age I guess. I’m done. I’m not constructing a freaking spaceship in my back yard.

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