Elizabeth Warren Issues A Prediction About The Upcoming November Midterms

Massachusetts Democratic Senator, and former Democratic presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren has issued her prediction that her party is going to face a series of “big losses” throughout the coming November midterms.

Warren highlighted a concern as part of a Sunday op-ed that was posted in The New York Times.

“To put it bluntly: if we fail to use the months remaining before the elections to deliver on more of our agenda, Democrats are headed toward big losses in the midterms,” highlighted Warren.

The senator from Massachusetts also highlighted her concerns at the “stalled” agenda of Old Uncle Joe.

“Now Republicans are betting that a stalled Biden agenda won’t give Democrats enough to run on in the midterm elections — and they might be right,” stated Warren in the op-ed.

“Like many Americans, I’m frustrated by our failure to get big things done — things that are both badly needed and very popular with all Americans,” continued the Senator. “Democrats need to deliver more of the president’s agenda — or else we will not be in the majority much longer.”

Even though she has extreme worried about the Democrats losing the majority in the House and even maybe the Senate this November, she still thinks it a good idea to continue to push unpopular legislation.

A prime example of this is the fact that the senator has long been a leading voice for th left that pushes for the outright cancellation of student loan debt.

Today would be a great day for @POTUS to use his existing authority to #CancelStudentDebt,” stated Warren via a tweet on Monday, a not uncommon sight on her social media platforms.

Warren also took the stance of pushing against pro-life legislation, advocating for the aborting of babies as a constitutional right

“This year alone, states across the U.S. have introduced over 500 anti-abortion bills. We must pass the Women’s Health Protection Act,” she also stated in a post on her social media this past Sunday.

These concerns from Warren about the expected Democratic losses at the upcoming midterms are seemingly growing among other party members. Well over 30 House Democrats have declined to run for re-election, either retiring or just trying to go for another office entirely. As reported by Axios, 23 are slated to retire while eight are planning to run for another seat.

“The increasing number of Democratic retirements — put against the backdrop of President Biden’s sagging approval ratings and uncertainty about redistricting — is adding to concerns the party may not be able to keep its slim majority in the House,” stated the report from Axios.


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