Dem Blames Obama For State Of DNC [VIDEO]

Noah Rothman of the “Commentary” magazine has pointed his finger squarely at former President Barack Obama for leaving the Democratic Party in shambles after he’s second term ended. He suggested that the primary reason he’s re-entering the public eye is to help rebuild it… sorry, bub, but the DNC dug it’s own hole just fine without Obama.

“He has a reputation to rehabilitate. He left the Democratic Party in tatters and he has to help reestablish that,” Rothman said.

He went on to state that it’s not a good idea for Obama to get involved in public policy as well as calling Republicans “hypocrites” for wanting him to stay out.

“The notion that the will of the voter would be disrespected in this sense is frankly something that Democrats would reject when Republicans felt the precise same way in 2009 and 2010. They felt like things were going off the rails, and somebody had to speak up about it,” Rothman said.

It’s another fine example of how Democrats simply cannot take any personal responsibility. It’s just always someone else’s fault, isn’t it? That frame of mind is why they think they can make college and healthcare “free” — cause someone else will handle it.

I just don’t think Obama has as much clout as these Liberals believe. Granted the entire time he was in office we didn’t hear a peep from any anti-war people, to give at least one example, and let’s face another fact… actual building burning riots happened under Obama didn’t they? Ferguson? Ring a bell? No… I’m sorry Mr. Rothman Obama didn’t put the Democratic Party in the state that it’s in and President Obama reentering the public eye won’t have the effect that any of them thinks it will.

What do you think? Do you think Obama has any clout left? Do you think he can fix the broken Democratic party?

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