CNN’s Sally Kohn Wants To Fight Terrorism

Liberal and CNN contributor Sally Kohn WANTS TO FIGHT TERRORISM! But the dope wants to fight it with “tolerance” and “political correctness.”

Due to President Trump essentially demanding an end to political correctness and the terrible, terrible culture it creates especially in counterterrorism and following the London attacks, Kohn took offense to the POTUS’ tweets and “fired back”, saying political correctness’s are, according to her, the solution to terrorism.

“Political correctness is simple idea everyone should be treated with equal dignity [and] respect. It’s not cause of terrorism. It’s antidote,” Kohn wrote in tweets. “When we make political correctness the scapegoat, we undermine values of tolerance and equality that are ALWAYS our best weapon against hate.”

“Of course we can’t snap our fingers make all current terrorists just become more tolerant and respectful,” she conceded. “But long term, do we help future would-be terrorists turn toward respect, tolerance, away [from] hate? Or do we become more hateful ourselves? Our values of pluralism and inclusion and equality are under attack. The answer to terrorism CANNOT be to throw away our values.”

WHAT?! BAHAHA, oh man… here they are in all their fumbling, idiotic, glory!

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