Alt-Left Extremists Make Life a Living Hell For Man They Misidentify

Since this past weekend, a lot of alt-left people have taken to the internet and in keyboard warrior (lol) fashion have been attempting to DOX people they identify as “alt-right” at rally’s. And it was bound to happen… they got some wrong.

Take Kyle Quinn for example… Quinn supervises a laboratory that does research on wound-healing at the Engineering Research Center at the University of Arkansas. These alt-lefters misidentified him as one of the white supremacists at the “Unite the Right” rally and since then… has been living in hell.

This is the sorta crap that happens when fascists play armchair detective from the comfort of their own home. Crap like this, too, is why Antifa wear masks when conducting their “business”.

As reported by The Daily Wire:

One man rallying with the white supremacists had been photographed wearing an “Arkansas Engineering” shirt; leftists found a photograph of Quinn that bore a facial resemblance to the rallygoer, and then they went to work.

Quinn was targeted with vulgar messages on Twitter and Instagram, according to The New York Times. The messages accused him of being a racist, said he should be fired, and worst, posted his home address. Some tweets read “don’t let your kids near him” and “dude doesn’t need to be teaching anywhere” along with his picture. Quinn issued tweets saying that he wasn’t the man in the picture, that he was never in Virginia that weekend, and that he championed diversity at the University of Arkansas.

Quinn and his wife stayed with a colleague over the weekend; he said, “You have celebrities and hundreds of people doing no research online, not checking facts. I’ve dedicated my life to helping all people, trying to improve health care and train the next generation of scientists, and this is potentially throwing a wrench in that.”

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