Man Gets 6 Months in Jail for What He Did to “Religion of Peace” Teen

As a Christian, I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us are able to overlook, and even overcome, many aspects of our faith that don’t always coincide with the secular world. It’s something, I feel, that is a defining point that should be made about us. We judge not, turn the other cheek, but always strive to make ourselves, our world, and our fellow man a better place.

The same cannot be said for the Religion of Peace. Should you offend them, you get jailed… at least that’s what happened in the case of Alex Chivers. He was sentenced this week to six months jail time by a London court for “assault” and a public order offense.

What exactly did this seemingly normal 36-year-old man do? Dude threw a piece of bacon at a Religion of Peace teenager.

I don’t necessarily condone his actions but 6 months jail time? SERIOUSLY?! Should we start locking people up who take the Lord’s name in vain? Of course not, pray for them, pray that they see the error of their ways. But not jail time… come on.

According to London’s Metropolitan Police, he approached two Religion of Peacers on June 8th and began spouting Islamophobic comments at them before “striking” one of them with bacon.

Other people present during the “attack” had filmed the incident. One of the law enforcement officers involved even called it “truly shocking” — is it about as shocking as the three major attacks your city faced in a matter of two months, Detective Payne?

It came five days after Islamic extremists attacked people on London Bridge and at Borough Market.

British police have reported a rise in hate crimes in recent weeks.

If this is as bad as it’s getting for those of that particular faith over in merry old England, they should consider themselves lucky.