Hate Mail: The “Not All Guys” Logic

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Sender: Idiots,i  saw your article about it being wrong wrong to lump all men together when it comes to rape culture and i found it absolutely gross. by the “not all men” logic then russian roulette must be a perfectly safe game. sure one of the chambers has a bullet but not all the chambers so lets play. see how stupid that sounds? this is exactly how stupid each and everyone of you crazy insne redneck a**holes sound each and every day to me.

The Steadfast Response: Since you’re clearly a butthurt first world, 3rd wave, “progressive”, allow me to put this in terms you can understand. Let’s apply the same logic to any “left” argument. “Not all refugees”“not all Muslims”“not all transgender people” — and I think you see my point.

Do you see how stupid YOU sound? This is the problem with most left-leaning people nowadays. They don’t think the issues through and react based on their feelings too often.

But I’m sure if you’ve taken the time to read this response you’ve only glazed over it, picked certain phrases out of context, and that I’ll end up on some Twitter account somewhere with your two basement dwelling friends thinking you “got me”.

Furthermore, I don’t recall having ever posted a single article about “not all men”. Perhaps you have us confused with another patriot?

Anyway, I better stop replying now. I wouldn’t want to take away from your yoga practices or that course you’re taking in “dance theory” — I’m sure you’ll do great things…….

Oh and one more thing

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