Trey Gowdy GOES OFF On The FBI For Anti-Trump Stance [Video]

During a recent interview Trey Gowdy went off on the FBI stance during the election and it’s anti-Trump stance, saying FBI officials were “conspiring or plotting” to influence the election.

“This is a really bad fact pattern,” Gowdy said of the revelations about bias at the FBI and Justice Department.

“I hate it for Rod Rosenstein that he’s the one explaining it because he’s not [FBI official] Peter Strzok, and he’s not [Deputy FBI Director] Andy McCabe, and he’s not [former FBI Director] Jim Comey, so he’s having to do a little bit of clean up,” he explained. “But these are really bad facts if you care about an impartial, objective Department of Justice and FBI.”

“I’m still trying to figure out why three FBI agents are discussing politics in the Deputy Director’s office, because you’re not supposed to discuss politics on federal ground and FBI agents aren’t supposed to engage in politics for Hatch Act reasons,” he added

As reported by Devlin Barrett for The Washington Post:

Texts between two senior FBI officials involved in both the probe of Hillary Clinton’s emails and possible connections between Trump associates and Russia show the pair frequently discussed their political views, their intense dislike of candidate Donald Trump and their fear he might win.

A review of the texts between senior FBI agent Peter Strzok and senior FBI lawyer Lisa Page were sent to lawmakers Tuesday night. The texts are the subject of an ethics investigation by the Justice Department’s inspector general, and they show the senior officials repeatedly offering harsh opinions about political figures. Among many other comments, the two called Trump “an idiot.”

The Washington Post reported recently that Strzok, the deputy head of counterintelligence at the FBI, was removed from his position in late July as top FBI agent on special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s team when his bosses learned about the texts between him and Page.

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