Testimony From Retired FBI Supervisor May Be The Key To Burying Hillary For Benghazi!

Rep. Ron DeSantis this last week that during an interview he conducted with a now-retired FBI supervisor and may be exactly what we need to push the envelope even further and bury the corruption of the DNC.

He revealed to the Representative that Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to never call the Benghazi attack an “act of terrorism” any time a report was released about their findings.

Essentially telling him to protect Hillary Clinton.

As reported by The Hill:

The agent found the instruction concerning because his unit had gathered incontrovertible evidence showing a major al Qaeda figure had directed the attack and the information had already been briefed to President Obama, the lawmaker said.

In the days after the 2012 attack, Obama administration officials initially said it was related to spontaneous Muslim anger over an anti-Islam video tape and not a planned-out act of terrorism.

DeSantis argued the example highlights the politicization of the FBI.

“What operational reason would there be to issue an edict to agents telling them, in the face of virtually conclusive evidence to the contrary, not to categorize the Benghazi attack as a result of terrorism?  By placing the interests of the Obama administration over the public’s interests, the order is yet another data point highlighting the politicization of the FBI,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis and several other lawmakers say they plan to press Wray at a hearing Thursday before the House Judiciary Committee about growing concerns that certain FBI supervisors allowed political bias to cloud judgments or decisions.

FBI officials did not immediately return a call seeking comment about DeSantis’s allegations.

The effort comes days after President Trump lashed out at the FBI. Trump was angered by the news that an FBI official working with special counsel Robert Mueller had sent anti-Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton texts to a girlfriend. Mueller removed the married FBI agent from his team.

Trump and his allies, including DeSantis, argue the FBI has taken a much more forceful approach to investigating Trump than they did when Clinton was being probed for her use of a private email server as secretary of State.

“The data points we have regarding politicization are damning enough but appear all the more problematic when viewed against the backdrop of investigations whose ferocity seemed to depend on the target: the Clinton case was investigated with an eye towards how to exonerate her and her associates, while the Russia investigation is being conducted using scorched earth tactics that seek to find anything to use against Trump associates,” DeSantis told The Hill.

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