Your Food and Books Are No Longer Safe From the TSA

From the time of its inception, the TSA has been a cruel joke perpetrated on the American people.

In the wake of the horrific attacks of September 11th, our government quickly rushed in to invade our privacy in the name of security theater.  You see, the TSA provides no actual security, rather, they are creating the illusion of security to hopefully deter future attackers from contemplating similar action to those 19 men on 9/11.  In reality, the TSA has not once actually caught or stopped a terrorist from entering our travel hubs or boarding a plane.

Now, as the TSA’s methods continue to further degrade the American people, especially due to the dimwitted and delusional staff that continues to be hastily hired.  Their latest affront to the American people will have these no-education-required “agents” searching through our food and reading material.

“Transportation Security Administration officials say they are taking the steps on a test basis at a handful of airports nationally mainly because carry-on bags are getting so stuffed that screening agents at x-ray machines are have a hard time seeing what’s in the bags.

“University of California, Davis, professor Julie Sze is among those who ran into the new screening procedures Wednesday at Sacramento International Airport. Federal screeners were asking people to take reading materials and food out of their bags and to place those items into a separate bin before sending them along the conveyor belt into the screening machine.

“Sze, an American Studies professor at Davis, who was not in the pre-check line, took her cookie out of her bag, but left her magazines in, and went through screening without incident. But, she says, she was annoyed that TSA was pushing privacy boundaries even farther than it already has.

 “’It’s always been a series of insults,’ she said of security requirements, such as taking off shoes and standing with your hands over your head. ‘Books, magazines, food, those are like my three treasured things. It feels personal on a whole different level.'”
Professor Sze is not wrong.  The TSA is truly an abomination of the American ideology.  We have, as a nation, allowed fear to impose its will upon our freedoms in a perverse twisting of the American dream.
It should be noted that the TSA is not federally required to provide security at any airport, and some transportation hubs have recently been looking into replacing the fumbling agency with a free markets solution.
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