EXPOSED: Another Comey Lie Under Oath

It’s perjury but one has to wonder if even stuff like this is all about the supposed, alleged, mega book deal that Comey may be shopping for. You know, make it out to be more than it really was, more “grand” than what actually happened. Especially in light of several politicians coming forward actually taking up for Trump and his particular brand of lingo.

As Written By James Barrett for the Daily Wire:

President Trump and the man he recently fired, former FBI Director James Comey, made clear last week that they both think the other guy is a bald-faced liar. In fact, “cowardly” Comey said he distrusted Trump so much that he felt the need to document his interractions with him in a way he had never felt the need to do with either Barack Obama or George W. Bush. But John Hinderaker over at Powerline highlights some evidence that appears to indicate that “Comey misled the Senate Intelligence Committee.”

Here is the exchange in Comey’s testimony on Thursday in which he expanded on his claim that he never documented his conversations with Obama or Bush like he did Trump:

WARNER: And so, in all your experience, this was the only president that you felt like, in every meeting, you needed to document, because at some point, using your words, he might put out a non-truthful representation of that meeting. …

COMEY: That’s right, Senator. And I — I — as I said in my written testimony, as FBI director, I interacted with President Obama. I spoke only twice in three years, and didn’t document it. When I was deputy attorney general, I had one one-on-one meeting with President Bush about a very important and difficult national security matter. I didn’t write a memo documenting that conversation either — sent a quick e-mail to my staff to let them know there was something going on, but I didn’t feel, with President Bush, the need to document it in that way, again, because of — the combination of those factors just wasn’t present with either President Bush or President Obama.

But as Hinderaker explains, the anti-Dick Cheney book Angler ……..


Comey Said He Didn’t Document Conversation With Bush. Here’s Evidence That’s Not True. | Daily Wire

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