BREAKING! Pro-Amnesty Front Runner Rep. Luis Gutierrez To Quit Congress

According to NBC 5 out of Chicago, Rep. Luis Gutierrez is quitting Congress and pulling all his petitions.

He’s the Democrats front-runner for pro-amnesty legislation.

They reported Monday evening:

“NBC 5 has learned congressman Luis Gutierrez will announce Tuesday he is not running for re-election after 24 years on Capitol Hill, sources say. Guitterez telephoned key democratic leaders late this afternoon to let them know of his plans. Calls to Guitterez tonight have not been returned.”

As reported by Neil Munro for Breitbart:

Gutierrez’s departure comes as his allies recognize the sinking prospects in 2017 for a no-strings “clean Dream Act” for 3 million illegals, including the 690,000 ‘DACA’ beneficiaries

For example, he worked closely with Rep. Paul Ryan to fashion a secret amnesty bill — even though the amnesty push was so unpopular that it cost Chuck Schumer nine Democratic seats plus the Senate majority in November 2014.

But Gutierrez’s 2017 push for a December amnesty is being blocked by hostile polls, Donald Trump’s immigration principles, top-level GOP opposition and tepid backroom support from Democrats.


Also, a November 27 report by the McClatchy news service included an admission by an amnesty proponent that the push for a December amnesty is losing ground:

“Two months have now passed, and I’m sad to report that we’re arguably further away from a solution today than we were then,” said Neil Bradley, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s chief policy officer.


This has shaken the political and media world quite a bit.

Frank Sherry tweeted:

Say it ain’t so, ! Your leadership, your commitment, your love, your courage, and your willingness to speak truth to power has been central to the rise of a strong pro-immigrant movement. Hard to imagine it without you as tip of the spear, my friend.

Ed O’Keefe‏ tweeted:

Gutierrez is known as an outspoken critic of Trump (and Obama before him) to English-language audiences. As I wrote in 2013, to Spanish news viewers, Gutierrez is ubiquitous, like McCain+Graham+Sanders in terms of air time.

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