Bilderberg Meeting Agenda Includes Trump, Russia, and Information War

While previously relegated to the realm of conspiracy theorists and tinfoil hat connoisseurs, the Bilderberg meetings have trickled into the mainstream in recent years.

Famously exposed by Alex Jones and, these gatherings of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful magnates of industry have long been shrouded in secrecy.  Hotels and conference centers in which the meetings take place are often placed on total lockdown, with citizens and journalists alike being harassed and removed from the property lest they catch a glimpse of what is truly occurring.

Many theories persist as to what exactly these meeting consist of.  The simplest theory, helped by a heaping dose of Occam’s Razor, is that the world’s wealthiest individuals are meeting to discuss how best to exert their considerable influence on the world around them, in turn, making themselves even richer via governmental allowances and favors.  This year, the clandestine society will be discussing current events, as always, but with a focus on Donald Trump, the war over information, and Russia.

“This year’s gathering takes place in Chantilly, Virginia, less than 30 miles from the White House, and goings on in the Oval Office are top of the agenda for the 131 people who’ve confirmed they’re attending.

“Many top White House figures will be at the four-day event, including the Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, National Security Advisor HR McMaster and Assistant to the President Christopher Liddell.Notorious for the lack of information about what happens during the discussions, meetings are closed to the public and to reporting journalists. All of the the meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule, which means that participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speakers can be revealed. Also, no minutes are taken and no report is written.

“Other topics up for discussion include ‘Russia in the international order,’ China, ‘The Trans-Atlantic defence alliance: bullets, bytes and bucks,’ ‘The war on information,’ ‘Direction of the EU’ and ‘Why is populism growing?’”

This year’s meeting, like those from the past, will certainly be well covered in the alternative media while CNN and the cable news cabal stays far, far away.  You know what they say about biting the hand that feeds…

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