Biden Officially Signs New Executive Order About Cryptocurrency

This past Wednesday, Old Uncle Joe put his pen to a new executive order which laid the foundation for the federal regulation of the entire cryptocurrency market, the possible creation of a digital dollar, along with laying the groundwork for the presentation of entirely unregulated cryptocurrency as a threat to national security.

The freshly signed order sounds the call for a review of the approach by the federal government in regards to cryptocurrencies, along with settling the United States as the head of a new global industry.

The currently ongoing military invasion of Ukraine by Russia is also being highlighted as a possible motivation for the recent crackdowns being seen on cryptocurrencies, as The Washington Post noted that “some U.S. policymakers have raised concerns about the potential for Russians to use cryptocurrencies to dodge sanctions, although others say the relatively small size of the asset market and the traceability of digital tokens make it an unworkable option for the Russians targeted with sanctions.”

“Today President Biden signed an Executive Order (E.O.) to establish the first-ever comprehensive federal digital assets strategy for the United States. The E.O. will help position the U.S. to keep playing a leading role in the innovation and governance of the digital assets ecosystem at home and abroad, in a way that protects consumers, is consistent with our democratic values and advances U.S. global competitiveness,” stated National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and NEC Director Brian Deese as part of a release.

“This E.O. marks an intensification of our efforts to promote responsible innovation in the digital assets space – innovation that works for all Americans, protects our national security interests, and contributes to our economic competitiveness and growth. Fundamentally, an American approach to digital assets is one that encourages innovation but mitigates the risks to consumers, investors, and businesses, broader financial stability, and the environment. We are clear-eyed that ‘financial innovation’ of the past has too often not benefited working families, while exacerbating inequality and increasing systemic financial risk. This history underscores the need to build robust consumer and economic protections into digital asset development,” their statements continued.

“The approach outlined in the E.O. will reinforce U.S. leadership in the global financial system and safeguard the long-term efficacy of critical national security tools like sanctions and anti-money laundering frameworks. To these ends, the Order identifies the Administration’s policy priorities, both for cryptocurrencies and any future U.S. central bank digital currency, to help guide the evolution of the digital asset ecosystem in a way that is consistent with our values. Governments alone cannot solve these problems, and definitely not a government that operates in siloes,” concluded their statements. “This E.O. is the product of months of work with stakeholders across government, industry, advocacy, academia, and international allies and partners – to identify actions we can take to foster responsible innovation in the digital asset ecosystem. Its implementation will leverage the knowledge and distinct expertise of a broad range of stakeholders across the White House and Executive departments and agencies, and regulatory agencies. We remain committed to working with allies, partners, and the broader digital asset community to shape the future of digital asset systems in a manner that is safe, inclusive, and consistent with our democratic values. As this ecosystem evolves, so too will our approach.”


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