Al Franken’s Replacement Is A Throwback From Planned Parenthood

We already know that Al Franken is OUT! Of course, during his speech announcing this he focused more on being anti-Trump than admitting guilt but I digress…

So who exactly is going to replace him? Maybe a conservative, someone level-headed, with appreciate the life of an unborn child? See what I did there? The answer is NOPE!

Tina Smith will be replacing disgraced former senator Franken announced today by Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton. Smith is a former Planned Parenthood executive.

Many pro-lifers spoke out against this. Leo LaLonde —  President of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life — stated: “Gov. Mark Dayton’s appointment of Tina Smith to represent Minnesota in the U.S. Senate is overwhelmingly disappointing to the state’s pro-life majority,” he told LifeNews. “An abortion industry insider, Ms. Smith is a former vice president of Planned Parenthood in Minnesota, the state’s leading performer of abortion. The choice of Ms. Smith is particularly egregious to Minnesota’s pro-life citizens, who will have no representation in the Senate.”

He added: “Most Minnesotans are pro-life. They support greater protection for unborn human beings. Minnesotans need someone who will fight for justice for the most vulnerable among us, the unborn.”

Video / Photo source: Youtube.

LifeNews did a pretty darn good job at laying out their opinion of Tina Smith:

Smith is a former vice president at Planned Parenthood in Minnesota. As a leader in the state’s abortion industry, she put her marketing background to work for Planned Parenthood from January 2003 to February 2006. The organization performed 9,717 abortions in Minnesota during that period, and increased its abortions by 22 percent. It was also reimbursed $458,574.74 by Minnesota taxpayers for performing 1,892 abortions on low-income women. Planned Parenthood became the largest abortion provider in the state in 2004—and has held that position ever since. It received $12.65 million in government grants from 2003 to 2005.

Smith was honored by The Planned Parenthood Action Fund in 2012, saying it was  “for her passion and commitment to Planned Parenthood.”

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