White House Economic Adviser Makes Insane Claims Praising Biden For Pandemic Policies

Cecilia Rouse, the current White House economic advisor made the claim that Americans were suffering through record-shattering levels of inflation due to how Old Uncle Joe had such an effective job in his management of the entire coronavirus pandemic.

Rouse stood alongside anchor Brian Keilar on an episode of “New Day” from CNN in order to talk about the economy and the current administration plan as a whole to deal with these levels of inflation and stabilize prices to a lower level in order to allow the American public to afford the items they require on a daily basis.

“Former Trump White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett says America is already in a recession. Is it possible he’s correct?” questioned Keilar.

“So I’m not sure where that comes from, so what we saw is coming out of 2021, that we had economic growth of about 5.5%,” stated Rouse, seemingly pushing back and claiming that Biden had seen quite possibly one of the strongest years of total growth in history for a first-year president — however she failed to talk about the fact that, due to all of the pandemic induced shutdowns, he had started quite far behind.

“Typically economists date a recession as being at least two quarters of negative growth, and other factors, which we have not seen at all,” Rouse went on. “So we’re not expecting that we’re already in a recession. In fact, the guts and the bones of this economy remain strong. Yes there are head winds. Yes, there is uncertainty, which is why the president is so focused on trying to reduce costs and grow this economy by investing in people, in our physical infrastructure and building the kind of economy that will generate sustainable growth going forward.”

Keilar went at it once again, asking whether people such as Senator Joe Manchin or Larry Summer — who argued that expansive and bloated spending packages would force inflation to soar — had been right to be overtly wary of such insane spending.

“I’m not sure what the right is. What we have here is an economy that is recovering from a pandemic. The downturn was caused by the pandemic. We had to basically power down our economy until we had the therapeutics and vaccinations and shots in the arms,” stated Rouse in objection.

Keilar highlighted that most people could agree that some level of spending was needed in order to get the public through the pandemic, but that a number of people, such as Manchin, had put forth warnings against too much spending would make inflation horrible. “Were they right?” she questioned again.

“So we — what we have seen is that all advanced countries are trying to address inflation and they have, you know, historic levels of inflation,” answered Rouse. “That has been the consequence of mounting an effective response to the pandemic. Because while we supported households and businesses, got shots into arms, which allowed people to start to come out of their homes and regain their lives, our supply chains could not support that demand. This is … we’re not alone. All advanced countries are addressing with this. This is a consequence of having an effective strategy against the pandemic.”

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