WaPo Writer Doesn’t Believe This Militant Group Is An Issue

Jonathan Capeheart, a writer for The Washington Post, has publicly stated, while on MSNBC, that the violent alt-left organization Antifa is not an issue. To backup this claim he says that he had never even heard of them until the events at Charlottesville just last month… seriously dude?

“You know, you can bring up Antifa all you want. I didn’t even know the phrase until Charlottesville happened. Antifa is not the issue. It’s white supremacists, it’s Neo-Nazis, it’s racists and bigots…” Capeheart said.

Capeheart also stated that the president has no “moral authority at all, on anything.” Yeah… says the journalist who claims he never heard of Antifa until a month ago.

What kind of serious journalist would make that claim? Actually, the better question might be can we take a journalist who has never heard of Antifa until a month ago seriously? Like… what rock has this dude been living under that he’s not heard of them? Does he turn that much of a blind eye to the actions taking place in his own nation? Or is that simply to cover up his statement, making it seem as though he has a more “outside perspective” on the matter?

Either way… it’s another reason to not take the WaPo too seriously, right?

Just a week ago we covered the new threats being made by Antifa, stating “Preparing for “right-wing rallies” that were scheduled for San Francisco and Berkeley last month, these militants put together an 8-page handout on “targets” that may show up, adding one page that contained a list of photos and names of at least 9 people titled “Know Your Nazi”. One of these individuals includes Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson, who has actually denounced white supremacists several times and yet he still makes their list.”

“We’ll go to their house, I’ll put it that way. We’ll go to their house,” said Dominic, an imposing, muscular man in his 30s. “I don’t want to hurt anybody, but I want those people to stop it. If I have to put Richard Spencer or Nathan Damigo into the hospital critically, and it would have saved Heather Heyer’s life or the next potential Heather Heyer, I would do it without question.”