Trump Supporters Becoming Disillusioned; Doing The Unthinkable!

President Trump’s supporters are pretty steadfast and loyal (see what I did there?!) for the most part and don’t seem to be going anywhere. But lately, especially with some of his DACA moves, the POTUS is losing a bit of his fan base with many users becoming enraged with the DACA decisions. Many are going as far as to burn their MAGA gear.

Take Luis Withrow for example. The now-former Trump supporter created a video just for the occasion stating that in his eyes President Trump has “violated” campaign promises, saying “You have become the swamp,” Withrow continued. “Either drain the swamp, or you’ll never make America great again.”

Then another Twitter user named Nathan Simms seemed to follow suit. Burning his hat in a garbage and hashtagging it “#AmnestyDon #burnmyMAGAhat.”

And many others on the social media platform followed, mostly in the form of pictures.

Kids these days… do they not understand that in politics sometimes you have to wheel and deal and look at the bigger picture? I’m not fully sure I’m on board with this latest DACA move myself but I’m interested in seeing what comes after it. The Dems will have to give up something big, I’m sure, to see it happen.

As reported by The Daily Wire:

Many conservatives have long feared that Trump’s Democratic past and habit of flip-flopping might eventually derail his immigration promises. If his deal with Democrats is what it appears to be, it undermines the country’s sovereignty and will be an electoral boon to Democrats.

Perhaps these Trump supporters burning their MAGA hats are on to something. If Trump begins to believe enough of his base will turn on him in 2020 if he continues to break his campaign promises, maybe he’ll think better about dealing with the Democrats on DREAMers.