Take A Look At What BLM Activists Want From You Now

An insane new list of demands (that’s how I read it anyway) has been released by an known Black Lives Matter associate and you won’t believe what they’re calling for. The article,  “White people, here are 10 requests from a Black Lives Matter leader,” was written by Chanelle Helm, who describes herself as a co-founder of the BLM movement in Louisville, released this for Leo Weekly.

Among the many really wild “demands” she writes, “If you don’t have any descendants, will your property to a black or brown family. Preferably one that lives in generational poverty.”

White people who can “an afford to downsize” are urged to “give up the home you own to a black or brown family.”

“White people, re-budget your monthly so you can donate to black funds for land purchasing,” on another demand.

You know how the alt-left loves blaming all white people when one person does a horrific act? Well… maybe we should turn the tables. Now BLM “activists” are demanding we give up our homes and even money to minorities. Yeah… that will never happen. She goes on in her demands and references the size of white men’s privates and just… yeah…

Here’s a lovely video of Helm’s, herself, discussing how she’s been racially profiled in her life but throughout the whole interview she really gives no example she, herself, experienced but rather regurgitates the “BLM handbook”. She tries quoting some stats that “her city” did but doesn’t cite the source whatsoever.

As reported by The Daily Caller

Helm also references “lil’ dick-white men” associated with the alt-right and tells other whites to, “Get they ass fired. Call the police even: they look suspicious.”

This list of requests may seem strange, but it fits an increasingly common thread among left-wing activists, many of whom insist that the only way to properly address historical racism is through reparations.

Reparations for slavery and historical oppression, once a relatively fringe idea among American liberals, has gained increasing support in recent years.

In one story from this June, a group at the University of Chicago demanded reparations, writing, “Black people do not need a seat at the university’s reparations table. They need to own that table and have full control over how reparations are structured.”

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