Remember Hillary Clinton’s Pathetic Birthday Tweet? Here It Is Again!

Hillary Clinton has seemingly always had high hopes for herself and even in her old age that just hasn’t seemed to go away.

I mean good… for… her I guess? You gotta have dreams, right?! But what happens when you’re aiming just too d*mn high and in today’s age share that on a social media account where millions follow you? You ignore it and don’t wish yourself a happy birthday again!

Except this one… comes with a twist.

Last year on October 26th Clinton wished herself a Happy Birthday along with a photo of her as a child.. and ended it with “to this future present”. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

“Happy birthday to this future president,”  read the tweet.

And social media had a freaking field day with it!

But of course, she lost… and consider this and keep in mind I’m happy with the job Donald Trump has done so far I really am. But this woman who has spent her life in law and politics lost to a reality T.V. guy who once bragged about grabbing women by their privates.

How many fumbles do you have to make and how much more clear could it be that people don’t want you to be president, you know?

But she’ll continue to “persist” and ask “what happened?” all the while turning a blind eye to these facts: that no one wants her to be the President of the United States of America.